Coats to be worn

Fashion in a winter outfit starts with women's coats! It is the first thing the other person will notice in your outfit, since it covers most of your body. As you can see, you can not put it in the background and focus only on the clothes you will wear inside.

Fortunately, fashion has flourished and we have many different style choices we can make on winter coats. So all you have to do is get informed about the new trends in women's coats and jackets and decide which of them will complete your wardrobe for Autumn and Winter.

Bulky Oversized Women's Coat

oversized γυναικεία παλτό 2021

Oversized coats are one of the biggest fashion trends in recent years. It is the ideal choice for the colder months, as they offer incredible warmth and at the same time a unique style. For this winter, Versace has offered us the most voluminous coats with quilts, some of which are a new version of the trench coat.

Coats embracing the body

τάσεις μόδας στα γυναικεία παλτό

In contrast to the previous trend, not only wide coats are in fashion, but also long ones that embrace the body, giving the illusion of a dress. The fashion houses Chanel and Marc Jacobs were the biggest supporters of this trend, which as it seems, will be worn a lot!

Faux fur coat

γούνινα γυναικεία παλτό 2021

Most designers are quite sensitive to the protection of animals and thus create fur coats from artificial fur. Prada and Miu Miu showed us both long and short coats. The common feature, however, that all their proposals had was the strong pads.

Modern women's trench coats

μοντέρνες γυναικείες καμπαρντίνες τάσεις μόδας

Trench coats came into our lives again last year. We loved their length and clean lines, but this year we saw some more modern proposals. Burberry used the print, which is a trademark of the company, for their interior lining, while other companies played with patches and two-tone colors, as well as the replacement of ribbon belts.

Women's Caps

χειμερινό γυναικείο ντύσιμο κάπα

Capes are a great choice for Autumn. You can find them with long sleeves, ie a longer cut in the arms, but also with an opening in the elbows. Especially the latter create a very beautiful layering by wearing a fitted blouse from the inside.

Women's jackets and coat with high collar

γυναικεία jackets ψηλό γιακά

This particular proposal can be well combined with the wide coats and this was proved to us by the proposal of Victoria Beckham. They have the ability to make our appearance more mysterious, making those around us wonder what is hidden underneath, while at the same time keeping our throats warm.

Women's poncho

γυναικεία πανωφόρια μόδα φθινόπωρο χειμώνας 2021

Ponchos are another trend from the past that made its appearance on the catwalks again. They create a more airy look and have nothing to envy from the capes. The monochrome makes them ideal for all hours of the day, but the eyes were all stolen by the proposal of Etro which had an African air. To add a little femininity you can put a belt around your waist.


Long quilted coat

καπιτονέ γυναικεία παλτό και μπουφάνAnd only when you see them you feel the warmth of your bed. It's like I went out but I would prefer the warmth of my home. You can find pieces of shiny quilted fabric, but also velvet for a formal evening dress.

And while most fashion designers created quilted coats in dark shades, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga made them a little more youthful with pink coats.

Women's leather jackets and jackets

γυναικείο δερμάτινο σακάκι μπουφάν 2021

 We loved them and they are made from the clothes that are not missing from our wardrobe. Especially the leather jackets can complete in a great way a women's winter outfit, either for street style look or for evening wear.


Knitted women's cardigans

πλεκτές γυναικείες ζακέτες φθινόπωρο 2020

Finally, cardigans from the winter trends in women's clothing could not be missing. Knitted cardigans will be worn most of all this Autumn. With a walk in the shops you will already see short knitted cardigans with buttons, but also long wide monochrome ones with patchwork.