Ideas for a perfect boho style outfit

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One of the most interesting and timeless clothing styles that has been adopted by many famous women, such as Kate Moss and Nicole Richie, is the boho style look. This is a vintage style of clothing that has deep roots in history and is not just about clothes and accessories. It is based on the ideology and the way of expression that it stands for.

Free spirit, comfort, relaxed mood and carefree, combined with femininity, romance, dynamism and personality lead to what we call boho style. The thoroughly sloppy ensembles of the bohemian era were born from the gypsy culture of Bohemia, an area that now belongs to the Czech Republic. These people lived carefree as nomads and dressed without particularly combining clothes with each other, due to their way of life with frequent travels, carrying all their belongings.

Later, however, the French borrowed the term Bohemia to describe the artists, writers and poets of the French Revolution era for their also nomadic carefree lives. The clothes they wore were old-fashioned and did not fit together. But this created their own unique style of dress, the so-called Bohemian or Boho style.

Although boho clothing is closely associated with the hippie style of the 60's and 70's, in fact boho chic fashion borrows elements from Hippie clothing and combines them with many more clothing subcultures of different eras, such as ethnic style and the vintage.

What is the Boho style of dress?

If you are wondering what are the ideal clothes for the perfect boho outfit, the answer lies in those that exude an air of liberation and carefree. This means that we can choose all the comfortable clothes and accessories that represent different styles of clothing.

Specifically, a boho chic ensemble can harmoniously combine hippie, ethnic, rock and vintage style, along with girly, feminine or romantic.

Although many consider it a summer outfit, boho style is worn in all seasons, even in winter.

The most popular colors are earth tones and of course white. There are of course many boho clothes with intense colors, such as purple, red and burgundy, but also with pastel shades.

As for the light fabrics that boho clothes usually have, these are: cotton, linen, chiffon, silk and lace. But jeans, velvet, mohair, leather or suede pieces are also worn.

Typical decorative elements of bohemian clothes are the fringes, the feathers, the fur and the colorful prints (plaids, floral, but also geometric shapes).

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The long airy or flat skirts and the corresponding dresses as well bell bottoms are must pieces for a boho style outfit. In stores you will find many options in monochrome or printed designs that can be the basis for the ideal boho set.

Also, tunics, kimonos, ethnic style blouses and special prints, as well as knitted or embroidered clothes are widely worn. They are usually combined to make the well-known layering effect. That is, creating many levels. In general, layering is a very characteristic boho style. The combinations just need to be balanced, perfectly matching the wide ones with your fitted boho clothes.

Tips to make the perfect outfit in boho style

  • The key is to feel comfortable, but at the same time be elegant. Tight and fitted clothes do not fit the boho style.
  • Layering is typical for the perfect boho style, but you should not overdo it with the pieces you use.
  • If you have rich curves, wear a long airy dress or skirt without many levels that add volume.
  • Conversely, if you are very thin, prefer airy clothes in short length and create flats.
  • Intense layering is not recommended for women with short stature.
  • Match different prints and textures, giving an even more carefree style to your ensemble.
  • Avoid neon colors.
  • Combine your outfit with the appropriate boho hairstyle, like the ones you will see later in the article.
  • Prefer a natural make-up that fits perfectly with the boho ideology.
  • Base on details such as fringes, embroidery, ethnic elements and of course handmade boho jewelry.
  • Wear lots of bracelets and necklaces.
  • Scarves around the neck, shoulders or hair are also especially popular.
  • Do not forget the hats and big sunglasses.

Short and long airy boho dresses

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One of the most typical ways to create a boho style outfit is the long airy dresses in monochrome or printed designs. They are beautifully combined with high boots and boho sandals, gladiator type, as well as with the must have low boots in earthy shades.

Equally beautiful, however, are the short boho dresses or the kaftans. They are very suitable for women who want to show off their shapely legs and can be worn alone or in combination with short denim shorts.

To make a more evening look with a boho dress, combine it with platforms and striking chunky jewelry. However, in case you are looking for a more casual chic look, wear it with jeans, knitted or fur vest, which can also have fringes.

In case you want to turn a boho dress into a long skirt, all you have to do is wear a sweater or a boho blouse.

Feminine outfits with boho skirts

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The long and airy skirts with floral or plaid designs are the epitome of the chic boho style look. They go perfectly with both crop tops and blouses or shirts tied at the waist.

Equally impressive, however, are the sets with monochrome boho skirts and knitted short t-shirts. Also, even a simple T-shirt, along with a knitted cardigan and a long skirt can make you dazzling.

The boho chic outfit is ideally completed with boots in earth tones or sandals. Of course, if you want to give height, you can choose boho platforms. And to completely take off your boho outfit, add a big hat and ethnic style jewelry.

For more sporty bohemian looks, you can also wear your sneakers, matching them perfectly with a jockey hat.

If you still prefer short skirts, the A-line leather with an ethnic and boho air t-shirt is a very good choice. In this case, however, your ensemble will be truly enchanting and seductive if you wear a pair of high boots.

White boho dresses

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White linen or cotton boho dresses and the corresponding white kaftans are the most characteristic pieces of this fashion. The offers of the shops for the dresses of this kind are many and cover all the needs and tastes, from the kaftans for the beach to the white ones. boho wedding dresses dresses. Some designs are completely white, while there are those that have colored details from embroidery or discreet prints.

So you can choose the boho dress that represents you and create a complete ensemble with just that. Alternatively, you can add beautiful jewelry and a scarf around the neck or use it to layer with a vest or cardigan.

Elegant boho dresses for wedding

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If you are a fan of boho chic style, then you can also choose it as a wedding guest. There are also many beautiful and light dresses in monochrome designs, either decorated with floral or ethnic prints ideal even for a wedding. What you should pay attention to is the combination that you will make to have a more formal character.

For this reason, avoid boots and sandals. Choose a pair of boho platforms instead. Of course, since we are talking about a boho wedding on the beach, you can also wear your sandals.

From there, complete your bohemian style look with metallic, mostly gold jewelry and necklaces with a chain.

You can leave your hair down in light curls or hold it in a boho braid.

Short bodysuits with boho style

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Another interesting proposal for a beautiful boho chic outfit is the short bodysuit. Whether it is a monochrome or printed design, the shorts jumpsuit can be an ideal set for many occasions. Always depending on his style.

It goes well with your boho sandals or platforms and is worn from morning until night.

Boho chic style with pants

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The most popular pants for boho style of dress are the bells, the jeans and of course the pants and the salwar kameez.

Combine one of them with a simple t-shirt tied in the middle or put it inside the pants and complete your look with an impressive kimono or a vest.

Alternatively, wear a shirt or an airy boho blouse made of lace or linen fabric and take it off with a striking hat and matching jewelry.

Impressive boho hairstyles to complete your vintage outfit

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In order to complete your boho style in the best way, you need to make the right hairstyle.

The light curls and the beach waves are ideal options to let your hair down. In fact, if you add a ribbon or a chain over your hair like a wreath, the result will be magical. A wreath of flowers in the hair is a correspondingly beautiful idea.

But in case you want to make a boho hairstyle with a hair grip, braids are a must. Whether it is small scattered braids or thoroughly sloppy braids, your hairstyle is at stake.

Learn more about boho hairstyles and get ideas to make the perfect bohemian look.

Boho style jewelry (earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets)

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Handmade and non-handmade jewelry with boho, ethnic or hippie style are the top choices to decorate your comfortable and thoroughly sloppy ensemble.

As for the boho bracelets, they are usually worn a lot together and have hanging elements. Dreamcatchers, shells, feathers and pennies are the most characteristic. They are made of natural materials such as leather, metal and wood, while there are also colorful versions with beads and fabric.

The boho necklaces are decorated accordingly, which should be worn without exaggeration. What does this mean; If you are going to put a large leather or metal statement piece you can not combine it with others. But if you choose necklaces from thin chains, then you can put more than one and do an elegant layering.

Boho earrings are usually more ethnic and hanging. They can be metal with beads and stones or in the form of a dreamcatcher. Of course, the earrings with feathers, fringes and tassels are also very popular.

Special and beautiful boho bags

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Boho bags have a wide variety of designs. Whether they are leather, suede or fabric, their characteristic decorative elements are the fringes, the tassels, the coins or the colorful embroidery. But fur or pom pom bags are just as common.

Boho bags are most often crossbones, envelopes or hobo bags.

Boho shoes to complete your looks

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The most classic boho shoe is the low boot in earth tones. His design is not tight at the ankle, but leaves him relaxed. So if you choose a boho boot with heel, then it should be thick and low or non-existent.

As for the most summer months, boho sandals are a must have. Gladiators and lace up sandals that tie at the calf are a top choice. But simple sandals are just as popular. In fact, if they have decorative boho style elements such as fringes, pom poms, coins and colorful embroidery, then they are even more representative of the boho style.

For your more formal looks or if you want to look taller, boho platforms are an ideal proposal.